• About

    "JustTake10secGetDecadeDiary r10diary (r10y)" has been released at the GooglePlay and also at my website.
    [features] 1. can use Google calendar(GCAL) data as diary so that you can get decade-diary in 10 sec. if you have used GCAL as your private diary 2. can use keywords to search events at GCAL(not at internal calendar of your device) 3. can get quick improvements since the app has been designed based on a web application. 4. can hide private information with android version of the app that you can install from GooglePlay site
    [background] In Japan, decade-timeframe diaries have been fairly popular in recent years, among sophisticated adults, especially among seniors. These kinds of diaries allow you to have a glimpse of development, progress, and growth of your own and your loved ones. One of the biggest problem to make long-term diary should be to keep at it every day. To make lifelog becomes very polular so you might use GCAL as an index of your lifelog. With the app, you can make decade-diary using the index toward the past ten years.
    So I named the app "reverse decade diary (r10diary)".
  • GetStarted

    1. get app r10diary(r10y). When want to install android-version, go to the Google Play site and search app with "r10diary"
    2. very first moment right after invoke or install, no calendar selected. So you need to touch menu button(top-left menu) view menu and select ones you want to have to derive calendar events info.
    3. specify date you want to look with Date Picker widget. Default date should be the day the app invoked.
    4. When you get events in decade, you can get detail info. to touch any event title you want.
    5. If you want event info. associated with keywords you like, specify keywords with Search widget which is located at top-right on header bar. The widget can input not only keywords but also start-date and stop- date so that you can limit on time-frame in search.
  • Cautions

    - each year date in decade may vary with leap year, timezone and so on.
    - search list showing maximum 100 events out of searched ones.
    - any information on authentication process will not be sent to the app server. No sign out procedure is provided with the app. If you want sign out, sign out on browsers or app in your device such as PC, smartphone, tablet
    - auth-token after authentication procudure will be expired within an hour. When expired, please reload on your browser or restart the app.
    - MANUFACTURER shall not be liable for any expenses incurred due to damage or loss arising from use of the PRODUCT.
  • History

    20140720JST23xx descending order in search mode. bugfix in search mode.
    20131124JST1537 bugfix in scrolling to the bottom.
    20131102JST1443 bugfix on API with hybrid app. that decrypt events on Google calendars
    20130908JST0949 Decryption can only be invoked by setting GET param. Android version released on GooglePlay
    20130829JST1738: AllCalendar in settings. "QuickRef." written in english which was replaced with "About"
    20130820JST1232: several bugfix. toggle view on event description (inline/pre). multi language
    20130723JST0846: adjust height of the Calendar list on menu
    20130709JST0938: for the parseInt function bug(Galaxy)
    20130707JST2000: statusBar implemented
    20130707JST1549: view changed on events
    20130703JST1016: when view events, attach calendar name where the event derive from
    20130702JST1632: a bugfix. adjust search widget for iphone device
    20130701JST2247: settings saved to localStorage. for multi calendars. search widget
    20130701JST1124: a bugfig near date calculation
    20130626JST1053: name of app changed
    20130625JST1053: date format changed. for timeMax. for allDay event
    20130622JST1613: initial released